Who Has To Wear An ID Card?

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Being part of a business community is not only about going to your desk and doing what you are expected to do. It is also about belonging. Every member of an office should feel identified and represented by their immediate bosses of authorities. ID cards can help members feel they belong to a group.

In some cases, corporations reach thousands of members, and they need to use specific methods to make everybody recognizable among the office. Using identification methods is the easiest way to give everybody the chance to easily recognize who is part of the office, the group or business family.

A good ID card can solve this quickly; a nice display of the name, a pretty picture and the section or department the employee work for would do. In the company, everybody should wear their ID card, sometimes in the front pocket with a clip; sometimes hanging around your neck using a pre-printed lanyard, the key is to have in a visible place that also allows the employee to remove it fast in case of verification.

There are, however, some specific employees that must wear the ID cards all time, even out of the office. This is because they are in charge of dealing with office matters outside the four walls the company functions in:

Security personnel:

Members of security departments in a company are those who need to be identified under all circumstances. They are in charge of taking care of hundreds of people, and every employee should be able to know who is in charge of their safety. But besides being easily identified by the office, guards and security personnel are usually sent to carry out external duties; they have to walk around the premises and outside of them. This is why it is so extremely important to be able to tell who works were.

Messengers and delivery staff:

This type of employees has to wear their ID cards all time because of the reason before mentioned. They are usually outdoors carrying out different tasks: delivering packages, looking for mail, sending and receiving letters and envelopes, running errands of all sorts. While they do all this they have to be wearing their ID cards since these errands and tasks are done in name of the company. They become a representative of the company’s name while they are outside.

Transportation staff

Just like security guards, transport personnel are in charge of the safety of many members of the company. It is essential to have them clearly and easily identified, to be able to call them by their name even if it the first time you see them (maybe they are new to the job). Addressing the personnel directly by their name, in a respectful way of course, can strengthen the ties that link them to the company and their sense of responsibility towards the company will be protected.

These are some of the personnel members who have to wear ID cards all the time, inside and outside of the office. However, it is advised to have the entire personnel wear their cards. When a member of the time goes to a different department to carry out some inter-department tasks, everybody is going to be able to address this person directly and to know where he or she is coming from.

What a great Id card must have?

The picture and name elements are among the most important. There are, however, certain extra elements that can be added to potentially improve the use and quality of the information contained in a ID card:

Intelligent code: QR codes, barcodes or chips can include  more information than other sources and this information can be used by the company to provide some benefits to the employees. Special bonuses for punctuality or gym memberships for pro-activity and tem-work.

E-Wallets: some ID cards are associated to a specific electronic bank account where the employee can save some cash and use it for minor expenses inside or outside the office.

To sum up, ID cards offer the employees the opportunities for greater inclusion and unity at work. They are not only identified but also represented by the company they belong to.

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