Weed Dc: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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Weed is legal in DC. You may be surprised to hear that, but it’s true! The District of Columbia legalized medical and recreational marijuana, so you can now go out and buy some weed without any fear of being arrested. Before you head down to your local dispensary or cannabis club, though, there are a few things you need to know about buying weed dc. We’re going to cover everything from getting a mmj card in dc to smoking on federal property (spoiler alert: it’s totally illegal). If that interests you then read on!

Is the weed dc and the dc medical marijuana program the same?

You might not know that the name Weed DC is actually a dispensary. That’s because there’s also a medical marijuana program in the District of Columbia, and it has nothing to do with Weed DC or any other business it’s run by the government.

The D.C. Medical Marijuana Program is also referred to as “the program” or “the MPP” because of its official name: The Medical Marijuana Program at the Department of Health (DOH). The DOH oversees all aspects of the MPP, including licensing, issuing recommendations for patients and caregivers, processing applications for producers and processors, implementing quality assurance standards for registered dispensaries (which are called “provisioning centers”), and more!

Do I need a recommendation from a doctor to purchase weed in dc?

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, then yes, you’ll need to have your recommendation from a doctor to purchase weed in DC. If you’re not a medical marijuana patient (yet), then no, you don’t need a recommendation from a doctor to buy weed in DC. So if all of this sounds like Greek to you and your head starts spinning when people ask “Do I need” or “Can I get” questions about medical marijuana cards and recommendations, we’ve got good news for ya: it’s easier than most people think!

How much does it cost to get a medical marijuana card in dc?

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card in DC is $100. This includes the application fee and your first year’s membership. The renewal fee is $25 each year after that (so you’ll be paying $125 total).

However, you can also get a medical marijuana card from another state as long as it’s MMJ-legal.

The process for getting your MMJ card isn’t too difficult: You go to one of the dispensaries listed on this page and give them all of your information, including proof that you need medical cannabis (if not obvious). From there they’ll provide you with an ID card or if they don’t have them just yet then they’ll send it out later and voila! You’re good to go!

How old do you have to be to get a medical marijuana card in dc?

You need to be at least 18 years old to get a medical marijuana card in DC. However, if you are younger than 18, your parent or guardian must sign the application for you.

You also need to have a qualifying condition if you want to get a medical marijuana card in DC. These include:

  • AIDS/HIV (autoimmune deficiency syndrome)
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer (malignancy) – any stage of cancer

What is mmj patient center?

Mmj Patient Center is a medical marijuana dispensary in DC. It’s the only place where you can legally purchase weed in DC, which means it’s also convenient for tourists who want to smoke up on their visit to our nation’s capital. At Mmj Patient Center, you’ll find a wide variety of products including flowers, edibles and concentrates and they’re open seven days a week!

You can get your mmj card online before you arrive at their store on Rhode Island Ave NE. Once you’re inside Mmj Patient Center, just tell them what you need and they’ll help guide you through the process of getting your weed prescription (as well as anything else that piques your interest). If there’s anything else we can do to make sure this experience goes smoothly for you while visiting Washington DC then please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone.

Is it legal to smoke weed on federal property in dc?

The answer is no, it’s illegal to smoke weed on federal property. The best way to avoid getting into trouble for smoking weed in DC and other cities is to know your state and city laws about using and possessing marijuana.

The federal government still considers marijuana illegal, but a number of states have legalized medical or recreational use of the drug. If you violate their laws, you could be arrested or charged under state law with criminal possession of a controlled substance (which carries stiff fines and jail time).

Where can I legally smoke weed in dc if I don’t have a mmj card?

If you’re not a medical marijuana patient, the best place to smoke weed in DC is your own home or on private property. You can also enjoy your legal right to consume cannabis outdoors on private property just make sure that you’re not doing it in public. You can’t smoke weed while driving or riding as a passenger in a car, nor can you do so on federal property like national parks and facilities like the Smithsonian museums.

Weed is legal in DC.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard that weed is legal in DC. And if you’re like most people, you were probably confused about how to go about getting a medical marijuana card in DC and buying weed from a dispensary.

Weed is not only legal; it’s also actually easy to get a medical card for it! Here are the steps:

  • Go online and fill out an application for your mmj card online at www.luckychuckietours.com (or just Google “lucky chuckie tours”). You’ll need some basic information like your address and contact information, as well as some proof of residency (a utility bill or bank statement will do). Once submitted, they’ll send you an email within 24 hours with instructions on picking up your new ID card at their office ($40).
  • Once you have your official government-issued ID card issued by the DC Department of Health (DOH), make sure that there’s nothing else holding back your ability to buy weed legally there may be other conditions on your license requiring additional paperwork or proof before completing this step and then go buy yourself some marijuana products! It should be noted here that recreational cannabis isn’t available yet in Washington D.C., so everything has been labeled “medical” until they start selling recreational stuff too sometime after 2020.”


Weed is now legal in DC and you can smoke it anywhere you want. You just need to be 21 years old or older and have a medical marijuana card or recommendation from your doctor. If you’re under 21, don’t worry! You can still get your weed through the mmj patient center where they will send it straight to your home or office.

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