The Pros of Wet Room Bathrooms

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Bathroom design trends include wet rooms. This design, whether fully open or using a single plane of glass to enclose the shower and bath, is popular for a few reasons.

Japan influenced the design of the wet room bathroom. When I was studying Japanese in high school, I learned this design feature and thought it was strange. All these years later, I still remember this information and it’s now becoming a popular bathroom style in Australia.

Wet rooms are fast becoming a popular bathroom style for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering this type of bathroom for your home, here are the pros and cons.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

The shower is a wet room bathroom is not enclosed with a screen and there is no shower tray. Water from the shower drains away from the room via the open, tiled floor area, and the water drains down the main drain in the bathroom.

The floor will have a gradient to ensure that all water runs to the drain. The drain for a wet room should be more than 50mm, to allow for adequate water drainage.

To do a bathroom renovation correctly, you should hire licensed plumbers and builders. The walls and floors of a wet room bathroom must be completely tiled and waterproofed. In order for the water on the floor to evaporate effectively, underfloor heating will also need to be considered.

What are the Pros of a Wet Room Bathroom?

Many homeowners and renovators are choosing a wet room-style bathroom for various reasons. It eliminates the need for glass shower screens, which are notoriously difficult to maintain.

The openness of the bathroom gives it the appearance of being larger than it is. Property prospects are now looking for spacious bathrooms when considering purchasing a property, so adding one to your property can add value.

In smaller bathrooms, where space is limited, this design works well.

A bathroom with additional tanking (water-proofing) is considered to last longer because it has additional protection than a regular bathroom with only a tanked shower.

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