Best Elliptical Stair Stepper Combo for A Quick Cardio

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Our Strategists are nuts (in a good way) about the products we buy, but we can’t test them all, no matter how much we want to.

You can increase endurance and condition your body with a treadmill and elliptical combination.

While both the 2 in 1 elliptical treadmill combo and the 3 in 1 elliptical treadmill stepper combo machines are pricey, they can help you get a full-body aerobic workout.

Known as hybrid treadmills, cross trainers combine the benefits of an elliptical, treadmill, and stepper into one machine.

The cross-training treadmill not only simulates walking and running but also stair climbing and elliptical motions.

By reducing the strain on your knees and joints, these cross-training or hybrid treadmills are perfect for rehab, seniors, runners, and walkers who want to use multiple muscle groups at once without the negative effects of standard treadmills, such as knee pain.

Those looking for a low-impact workout will also find them ideal.

As there are so many models on the market, choosing the best one can be challenging.

We have written this review for this reason. The following ten elliptical treadmill combos are among the best on the market today.

Thus, we have People’s Preference, in which we identify the items best tested and the most persuasive ones.

A combination elliptical stepper or a combo elliptical stepper will combine the calorie-burning capability of a stepper with the fast low-impact motion of an elliptical trainer.

You can also exercise your lower body with these machines, while your upper body is exercised with full motion handles.

Though we asked the trainers in New York about the best fitness equipment and foam rollers.

Training experts debated the most effective home exercise equipment and even found the finest treadmills, workout bikes, and subdesk ellipticals for your gym.

In this article, we examined the Best Elliptical Stair Stepper Combo on Amazon.

10 Best treadmill Stair Stepper Combo

While we struggle to stay on top of our busy schedule, we sometimes neglect or ignore any time to take care of our bodies.

As long as we start our day with a little exercise that keeps our bodies active and healthy, our bodies don’t need constant care or a strict regimen.

With so many features and prices, finding the best hybrid elliptical becomes almost impossible.

By following this guide you can categorize your needs and requirements and make your happiness a priority! :

Keeping your body active as you age isn’t that easy. Thus, one can perform the workout using the best hybrid elliptical machine!

The Best Elliptical Stair Stepper Combo provides a low-impact (upper and lower body) workout that is energized and full body.

In addition to providing a great aerobic experience, especially for the young at heart generation, this machine allows you to lose weight by burning calories.

Using a treadmill and elliptical machine together is the best way to tone and build stamina.

Combining the functions of a treadmill and an elliptical, this machine simulates stair climbing and running, allowing you to strengthen your legs, knees, and arms.

Training on an elliptical treadmill combo machine also helps you become more flexible because the machine works out all of your joints.

In this post, we’ll look at the top five treadmill-elliptical combo machines you can buy right now.

Welcome your lousy, tired day with at least 40 minutes of fitness!

If not in the morning, you can always adjust intra-day to deal with the differences.

Marnur – Elliptical Machine Trainer – Elliptical Climber

Key Features 

  •  The MARNUR Stepper combines a zero-impact elliptical path with stepper movement and smooth flywheel motion.
  •  The non-slip pedals measure 10.24 inches vertically and 6.5 inches horizontally.
  •  You can adjust the magnetic resistance by turning the knob next to the display, which has 8 levels. Indeed, the knob helps you to control exercise intensity to find the perfect sweet spot quickly. By the way, this sweet spot provides a robust aerobic workout mixing pace and resistance.
  • For different heights and ages, it has a sweeping movement handlebar that lets you find the most comfortable pedal position. Fixed handlebars also have sensors that track the heart rate on the LCD.
  • The LCD is located right above you. Fitness data is displayed, including time, calories, pace, distance, total distance, and heart rate. Mobile phones and iPods can also be positioned above the display. Videos can also be viewed on the iPad.
  • The MARNUR Stepper gives you a lower body workout since the handles do not move.

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  • It shows time, calories, speed, distance, total distance, and heart rate.
  • Anyone from 4 feet 5 inches to 6 feet 5 inches can use it.
  •  The MARNUR elliptical trainer can be used by anyone weighing less than 300 pounds.
  •  The MARNUR Stepper measures 38.7 inches long, 25.6 inches wide, and 62.2 inches high. It does not take up much space in your house.
  •  Additionally, the rig has a heavy-duty frame with floor stabilizers to keep it in place during workouts.
  •  The 20 pounds flywheel, combined with the 18.1 inch diameter crank, allows for a smooth workout of the joints.
  •  Also included are transport wheels so that the elliptical machine can be moved from room to room or stored.
  •  The foot pedals measure 5.74 inches in height and 13.54 inches in length.
  •  They weigh 83.6 pounds. 
  • MARNUR steppers also come with a full 90-day refund policy and a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  •  A manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months and a 90-day full refund policy 


  • Since the handles don’t move, the MARNUR stepper gives you just a lower body workout. 

Sunny Cardio Climber – Cardio Climber

Key Features

  • Pulse-sensing grips on stationary handlebars monitor your heart rate as you exercise. Besides providing extra support, the grips also monitor your heart rate.
  • The non-slip pedals have a vertical rise of 9 inches and a horizontal rise of 7 inches.
  • By monitoring your time, pace, distance, calories, and heart rate, the output monitor displays your progress. It features a calendar, clock, thermometer, scan feature, recovery mode, BMI, and body fat percentage calculator. The display can also accommodate personal devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Eventually, 8 degrees of magnetic resistance will be available. It is true that these allow you to easily monitor the intensity of your workout. Moreover, this sweet spot provides a good aerobic workout that combines pace and resistance.


In late 2021, Sunny Health & Fitness launched the SF-E3919 as one of its elliptical machines.

An elliptical climber is a piece of fitness equipment that’s halfway between an elliptical trainer and a stepper.

It’s a trainer for home use, but it’s built to last and comes with a range of useful features.

A Sunny Health & Fitness elliptical machine, the SF-E3919, was released in late 2021.

A elliptical stepper combines an elliptical trainer and a stepper with a step and range of motion in between.

However, it is a trainer designed for home use that provides outstanding durability and enough features.

Cardio Climber is a stair climber/elliptical combo with an 8-level magnetic resistance program, long-lasting pedals, and a dashboard that can monitor all key workout parameters.

With two handlebars and a pulse-reading function, it boasts a compact and sturdy chassis.

This equipment is excellent for low- to high-intensity aerobic exercises, muscular toning, endurance development, and weight loss. This equipment offers outstanding value for the price.

The SF-E3919 is almost entirely vertical throughout its circular path. In order to simulate the motion of an elliptical trainer with an inclined rail, I set both rail bars of these pedals at a 45-degree angle.

There is no automated or manual inclination on the machine; both rail bars are stationary.

The machine is powered by magnetic resistance, so it does not require an external power source.

The frame is made up of steel tubing coated with corrosion-resistant paint.

The ABS coverings for the flywheel and other drive and resistance components were made of plastic.

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  • The belt-drive mechanism makes minimal noise during workouts
  • To keep the Sunny Climber stable while exercising, it has a heavy-duty steel frame with floor stabilizers.
  • This stepping elliptical is suitable for anyone weighing less than 260 pounds
  • Simple steps and climbs are made easier with the flywheel’s 14 pounds of inertia.
  • Sunny Cardio Climber is backed by a 3-year warranty and 180-day return policy
  • While the cardio Climber’s unfolded dimensions are 44″ long, 25″ wide, and 64″ high. You don’t need a lot of room.
  • The elliptical has wheels on the front that allow it to be moved from room to room or stored.
  • It weighs 95 pounds as well.
  • The pedals have a 9-inch climb and a 7-inch step.
  • The Sunny Climber is backed by a 3-year, 180-day return manufacturer warranty.
  • Additionally, it has a calendar, clock, thermometer, scan feature, recovery mode, body mass index, and fat percentage calculator
  • You can monitor your progress with the output monitor by tracking your pedaling, pace, distance, calories, and heart rate.


  • Since the handles don’t move, the MARNUR stepper gives you just a lower body workout. 

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Key Features

  • Bowflex Max offers interval training cardio benefits, such as high-intensity interval training or HIIT, in just 14 minutes.
  • With target zone and burn rate metrics, you can set milestones to achieve your goals.
  • The overall pedal height is 19.1 inches. The vertical climb is approximately 11 inches.
  •  Both workouts are featured in the interactive backlit show.
  • The LCD shows the time, pedal rpm speed, calories burned, and heart rate. The special peak burn rate backlit monitor measures how many calories they burn per minute and sets activity goals.
  • Alternatively, you can adjust the resistance by pressing a rotary dial on the stationary handlebar. It is true that this dial allows you to control exercise intensity to find the perfect sweet spot quickly.
  •  Chest braces also monitor your heart rate.
  •  You can get a great aerobic workout mixing pedal speed and resistance in this sweet spot.
  •  Also, it holds up to two users’ workout results.

“I have been in excellent shape for two years now. I use it weekly. It is worth the money since I can’t go to the gym every day.

The package was large, and I needed it upstairs, so it was logistically difficult, but that was the case regardless of where I got it. I love it and wouldn’t know what to do without it.”

Cybex Arc Trainers combine the benefits of an elliptical and a treadmill.

Cross trainers use arc-shaped tracks rather than ellipse-shaped ones, which are gentler on the knees and more effective at burning calories and building muscle mass than ellipticals and treadmills.

With Cybex Arc Trainers, adults of any size can develop, stride, or slide for fitness.

Some Arc Trainers are lower-body exercisers, while others are full-body exercisers with moving handlebars.

A standard or deluxe console with a 15.6-inch screen is available, and most Arc Trainers can be custom painted.

The two lower body Arc Trainers 625A and 770A are less expensive than the Total Body Arc Trainers since moving handlebars are not included.

These trainers are intended for lower body exercise, with trainees having the option of gliding, striding, or scaling.

Different muscle groups can be worked, such as the calves and glutes.

In addition to moving arm bars, Total Body Arc Trainers support low-impact lower physical activity.

They may be nearly twice as effective at extending your upper body workout compared to a normal elliptical machine.

It includes the 525AT, 625AT, 770AT, and Access Trainer.


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  • The design has a small footprint, and it’s one of the best hybrid elliptical machines on the market today.
  • The price is reasonable for a hybrid machine.
  • There is a spacious console with a smart phone/tablet holder; a comfortable seat;
  • Fitting your workouts is made easier thanks to customizable features such as two user profiles.
  • Large cup holders;
  • contact grips with sensors; 
  • warranty of two years
  • years
  • years; weight capacity of 300 pounds.


  • There is no cooling fan;

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer – Max Trainer

Key Features

  •  Bowflex M3 is suitable for people weighing less than 300 pounds.
  • It includes a water bottle holder and a media tray.
  • M3 Max Trainer measures 49 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 64.7 inches high. There is not a great deal of space taken up by this trainer.
  • The Bowflex Max is also equipped with wheels that allow it to be moved from room to room or stored.
  •  It is equipped with floor levelers to keep it stable during exercise.
  •  Watch the video to see how it works.
  • Bowflex M3 is covered by a 1-year warranty and 90-day return policy.

Bowflex makes some of the lightest and most effective workout equipment available.

The Bowflex TC 200 is very similar to the TC100 that was tested. While it has fewer advanced features, it is still a far superior option.

With this fantastic piece of equipment, walker or runner can enjoy the benefits of walking without the rigors of walking.

It is less likely to cause injuries than a treadmill. On an elliptical or treadmill, you burn calories 2.5 times slower.

With the TC200, you get the benefits of a stair climber, treadmill, and elliptical trainer all in one machine.

The treadmill-elliptical hybrid has larger treadles that move up and down to take advantage of all the benefits of both machines.

The TC200 has a top speed of 4.5 mph and a minimum speed of 0.5 mph. Even more advanced walkers can use this.

You can sync your workout data to your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. Keeping track of your fitness goals is easy with the console’s bright LCD screen.

As opposed to the TC100, which offers only two adjustable profiles, this variant offers four. Additionally, there are five pre-programmed workouts, a cup holder, and a charger.

These features make this machine one of the best elliptical treadmills on the market.

One of the company’s most popular ellipticals, the Max Trainer M3, not only fits in small spaces but also provides great workouts to boost calorie burn, increase athletic efficiency, and improve cardiovascular health.

Here is a review of the M3 to help you determine whether it is the best elliptical for you.

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  • There are two fitness plans.
  • With the Bowflex M3 Max, you can perform aerobic interval training for 14 minutes. This allows you to finish your workout in a short amount of time.
  • To help you achieve your fitness goals, the LCD monitor displays calorie burn rates and activity levels.
  • It also includes a water bottle holder.
  • Next, it stores up to two users’ exercise data. 
  • Finally, it comes with a 1-year warranty and 90-day labor guarantee.


  •  Those who want an elliptical stepper workout rather than a HIIT workout may find this machine too intense.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Key Features  

  • Dimensions: 42L x 24W x 62H inches (107L x 61W x 157H cm) when assembled
  • The console displays the following information: time, distance, odometer, RPM, speed, calories, and pulse
  • There is no incline adjustment.
  • Assembly required.
  • 250 lb (113 kg) weight capacity.
  • 8-level magnetic resistance.
  • Includes tablet holder.

“I gave five stars because they exceeded my expectations. This elliptical is terrific, mainly for the money.

The console is well designed. I like the fan! During service there is a swinging noise, but otherwise it is quiet. My favorite piece of fitness equipment is the elliptical.

Nautilus’ E614 Elliptical is similar to commercial fitness facilities’ popular adaptive motion trainers. Home users can use it to perform aerobic exercises.

Nautilus’ E614 Elliptical is a low-impact treadmill, stepper, and elliptical machine in one. Trainees can take advantage of Precor’s award-winning biomechanics regardless of their natural stride.

The stride length is usually around 36 inches, and the stride elevation can be altered by the user. For upper-body toning and calorie burning, I used the arm bars.

Elliptical combo cardio trainer Nautilus E614 includes five training programs, and the manual mode is compatible with Polar wireless heart rate transmitters.

By using the console, the user can save money on electricity expenses. Arm bars can boost general fitness.

With this unit’s many settings and programs, you can get a great workout regardless of your fitness level.

The workout is body-wide. Assemblies are not rigid. Each step is explained in detail. I assembled it within an hour and a half.”

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  • There are two fitness plans.
  • To assist you in reaching your fitness goals, the LCD monitor displays calorie burn rates and activity levels.
  • There is a water bottle holder included.
  • Furthermore, it stores up to two users’ exercise information. 
  • In addition, it comes with a 90-day warranty.
  • Bowflex M3 Max offers 14-minute aerobic interval training. Hence, you can finish your workout in a short amount of time.


  •  Those who want an elliptical stepper workout rather than a HIIT workout may find this machine too intense.

Body Power Elliptical – Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper – BST800

Key Features

  • Body Power Elliptical stepper combos have a curved crank that applies a constant force to both x and y axes, ensuring dead zones-free rotation. With its oval route and synchronized handlebars, this elliptical stepper also gives you a total-body workout. A complete indoor high-intensity interval training workout is provided.
  • This elliptical stepper combines the benefits of an elliptical machine with a fast, non-impact movement, a vertical climber, and a calorie-burning stepper.
  • Use the Body Power Elliptical for 12 minutes a day, if you can do the HIIT workout. If you can’t handle the HIIT exercise, you’ll burn the same number of calories for longer.
  • On the LCD screen of the elliptical stepper, you can see calories burned, rpm, and distance. There is a media shelf built into the monitor.
  • The pulse-sensing grips on the stationary handlebars also measure how hard the heart is beating.
  • You can easily change the 8 resistance levels using a knob on the frame below the LCD display.

Body Power’s StepTrac BST800 combines an elliptical trainer and a stepper into a single machine.

Due to this, it has a slightly different pedaling motion than a conventional front-drive elliptical trainer. However, it provides the same low-impact aerobic workout.

Body Power Elliptical – Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper is a joint-friendly treadmill/elliptical hybrid machine. This machine helps you run faster while minimizing the impact on your joints.

The unique design with moveable arm bars protects your natural walking body language and automatically adjusts for shorter and longer running steps.

With performance grips, you can simulate the natural motion of your arms when you’re outside.

A lightweight pedal and aircraft-grade aluminum combine to create a natural running experience, increasing performance and efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from a well-balanced aerobic workout. Using SmartLink App, you can design tailored workout routines to achieve your fitness goals.

Your workouts are tracked by the app so you can see how far you’ve come in terms of muscle tone, endurance, and stamina.

The runner does not need to be plugged in. Therefore, you can install it wherever you like without paying for electricity.

The step tracing technology allows you to easily comprehend the pace of your workout level and track your progress.


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  • This stepping elliptical is suitable for users weighing less than 250 pounds.
  • Body Power’s elliptical stepper combo measures 42″ long, 28″ wide, and 62″ high. This lightweight elliptical takes up no space in your home.
  • A silent, heavy-weight flywheel makes pedal rotations smooth and oval on the Body Power Elliptical.
  • 96.8 pounds are the weight of the BST800 elliptical stepper.
  • Firstly, this elliptical stepper features 2 front rollers for moving it from room to room or storing it.
  • Watch the video below to see it in action.
  • Lastly, the Body Power Elliptical Stepper Combo comes with a 1-year, 90-day parts and a minimal manufacturer warranty.
  • The elliptical stepper combo has an LCD display that shows calories burned, speed and distance.
  • This elliptical stepper only needs to be used for 12 minutes a day.
  • This elliptical stepper combo comes with a 1-year, 90-day parts, and a limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • On the other hand, this machine could be too intense for those who want an elliptical stepper style workout rather than a HIIT type workout.

ProForm CardioHIIT Elliptical Trainer

Key Features

  • Low-impact training; high-level performance of professional quality;
  • iFit compatible
  • Low-impact body conditioning enhances endurance, metabolism, and bone mineral density.
  • There is less space required.
  • Exercise-related injuries are less likely.
  • There are 24 different levels of resistance and 34 different training plans available.
  • Handles with multiple grips;
  • foot pedals that are cushioned for comfort;
  • 10-inch touchscreen display with Web browser;
  • cooling fans with two speeds;
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is not for everyone. A stroke can be a consequence of this type of training.
  • Make sure you are in good health before beginning an exercise program with the machine.

You can use the ProForm CardioHIIT Pro to help you achieve your health and physique goals if you are a professional athlete who expects a lot from your training program.

ProForm CardioHIIT is an excellent machine for reaching your fitness and body goals.

HIIT exercise will appeal to you if you enjoy going to the gym or if you are a dedicated athlete who wants to get the most out of your training program.

You will sweat more and burn more calories when you combine a 10-inch vertical trainer with all the upper body movements used when boxing.

With HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, you prepare to put your 100 percent effort into a short period of time.

Don’t be afraid! Short restorative pauses are also included.

Maintaining your heart rate throughout the session will increase your stamina and burn more calories.

You get a full-body workout with no strain on your joints. Compared to other elliptical-stepper hybrids, the CardioHIIT Trainer Pro has a more vertical elliptical path.

The world’s most popular and effective training method is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer professional is designed for trainers who want to improve their fitness levels.

Since HIIT workouts can be extremely strenuous, they are not recommended for the elderly or children.

A trainer offers a full-body workout that doesn’t affect your joints.

The CardioHIIT Trainer Pro uses an elliptical-stepper hybrid that has a more vertical path than other machines.

It has rapidly become one of the most effective and productive training methods in the world.

Advanced trainees looking to increase their fitness level will benefit from the ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer Pro.

As HIIT workouts can be very challenging, they are not recommended for older individuals or children.

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  • Training with low impact.
  • Performing at a high level.
  • Low-impact training for the entire body.
  • Reduces the risk of exercise-related injuries.
  • Comfortable pedals.
  • 26 resistance levels.
  • Handles with multiple grips.
  • 34 pre-programmed workouts.
  • 10-inch touchscreen.
  • 2-inch speakers.
  • Integrated wireless pulse contact.
  • Monitors are included.
  • Compact designFan with two speeds.n.
  • A tablet holderFrame, parts, and labor warranty.s,  and labor.


  • Consult your doctor before working out
  • HIIT does not suit everyone.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

Key Features

  • A compact and aesthetically pleasing design;
  • the sturdy steel frame can support up to 260 pounds.
  • It has front transfer wheels and adjustable back stabilizers.
  • Big, durable pedals that provide greater foot stability;
  • fixed handles with sensors
  • Handrail bars that have been strengthened and precision welded for greater strength;
  • Belt drive for quiet operation;
  • Eight stages of magnetic resistance;
  • Multi-window LCD panel with goal settings and BMI function.
  • Temperature, clock, and date functions included.
  • Requires minor maintenance.

The Bowflex Max trainer will target every muscle group in your body, M5.

This hybrid trainer can get you results quickly, with virtually no effect on your joints, as well as its preprogrammed exercises.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is yet another hybrid trainer that breaks the mold of conventional cardiovascular fitness equipment.

As a zero-impact exercise, it is suitable for both the elderly and those recovering from injury.

Despite being a little expensive, this machine performs well.

It is a popular machine for a variety of reasons. Low-impact, effective results are provided by the Bowflex TC100.

Bowflex’s top invention, including an elliptical treadmill, ushers in a new era of cardiovascular training equipment.

Bowflex’s TreadClimber TC100 does exactly what it says on the box: it walks.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option for walking, then this is the ideal piece of equipment.

Make the most of your treadmill, elliptical, and stair climber. Trainers have two distinct treadles with moving belts.

Exercise on treadles provides a unique exercise experience because they move up and down.

Walking enthusiasts looking for a different way to exercise will love the Bowflex hybrid trainer, which can reach speeds of up to 4.0 mph.

While exercising, you can use the console’s USB port to control your devices.

An interactive LCD display allows up to two users to save profiles and track calorie burn, distance, and speed.

You’ll find cup holders and a holder for your tablet and smartphone in the console area. The handlebars are equipped with contact grip sensors.

When used in combination with a treadmill and elliptical trainer, it’s 2.5 times better than a regular elliptical trainer or treadmill.

This machine has a power incline level that can be adjusted from 0 to 40%. The machine is designed to tone muscles. By raising the angle, the focus shifts from the calves to the glutes.

The pressure on your joints decreases as you walk. Therefore, it is an excellent facility for treating patients who have been injured.

The construction of this hybrid trainer is sturdy, with high-quality components and electronics. The Max Trainer M5 is designed for short, intense workouts.

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  • The Bowflex Fitness app syncs with it.
  • The Bowflex Fitness app syncs with it.
  • Premium pedals and grips are included.
  • A media console is available.
  • Twenty resistance levels and preset workouts are available.
  • Heart rate monitoring is wireless.
  • A water bottle holder is included.
  • A subscription to daily burn is available for eight weeks.
  • It is compact.


  • The warranty could be better.
  • Assembly was difficult.

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber Treadmill

Key Features

  • Compact design;
  • Four customizable profiles;
  • The arrangement reduces the risk of injury.
  • One of the most affordable elliptical stair climber and treadmill combinations;
  • A three-in-one configuration burns approximately 2.5 times as many calories.
  • Five pre-programmed workout routines;
  • transport wheels;
  • Bluetooth compatible;
  • 3-year frame and component warranty;
  • Due to the Bowflex’s connectivity and synchronization capabilities, you can use all of your favorite apps, such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

The Bowflex TC100 is intended for a training session with a low impact that brings efficient and reliable results.

Bowflex’s breakthrough product represents the next generation of 3-in-1 cardiovascular training equipment.

Bowflex’s Max Trainer M8 combines an elliptical and a stepper into a compact machine that provides the best overall workout.

The machine has 20 resistance levels, so people of different fitness levels can use it. Also included is the Bowflex Max Intelligence App.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your current fitness level and suggest ways to move forward to your next level, and ultimately, your ultimate goal.

A variety of gym users were in mind when I created the M8.

If you wish to get back into a training regimen after a long break or improve your current physical condition, the M8 will complement your objectives and skills.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Max Intelligence Platform can further improve your workout experience by making you work harder, like a personal trainer, every day at home, thanks to memory technology.

By using this machine, you can tone your body, burn calories, and lose weight without causing any negative impact on your joints.

For an additional fee, Bowflex is now selling a performance bundle that includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″, a machine mat, and an armband heart rate sensor.

It is not recommended for athletes, but it is well suited for trainees seeking a low-impact workout.

Using the 3 in 1 trainer, I provided a vigorous workout that burnt calories rapidly. They have an affordable price tag, but they should offer a better warranty.

All the benefits of a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber in one unit. There are two treadles with belts that move on the trainer.

A treadle with an up-and-down movement provides a distinctive exercise experience.

The Bowflex hybrid trainer, with speeds of up to 4.0 mph, is suitable for walkers looking for a new workout approach.

It included a convenient USB port in the console that helps you to charge your devices during your workout.



  • A good price  
  • for the three-in-one design, 
  • customizable workouts.
  • It is compact and has a small footprint.
  • Touch sensors.
  • The console is spacious.  
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We have oversized cup holders.
  • The warranty is two years.


  • It would be nice to have more entertainment programs
  • without cooling fans.


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Steppers, ellipticals and treadmills are among the most common cardio-vascular exercise machines.

While these machines are interconnected because their basic purpose is low impact endurance training, a closer look at these three will reveal the differences in their working and impact.

Below are the differences between steppers, ellipticals, and treadmills.


I know the most effective cardio exercise system among all three cardio machines.

It’s because exercising on a stepper controls the blood flow really quickly, no matter how fast you work out.

Due to the digital screen feature, I prefer treadmills to measure heart rate and MPH speeds.

The benefits of the elliptical for cardio muscles depend largely on strength and speed, but they are also well known for their muscle toning properties.


With a stepper, there is a wavelike motion that helps to release the muscles of the body, toning gluteus muscles, legs and quads.

In treadmill, there is an increased calve motion that steers aerobic exercises and helps develop inclination postures. Elliptical machines have lower hand in lower body exercise.


Steppers and treadmills are not good for upper-body workouts.

I know elliptical machines are useful to people who want to strengthen their triceps, biceps, and upper back muscles.


Go to elliptical machines if you are looking for the machine that burns calories faster.

Both the stepper and the treadmill are not beneficial for upper body workouts. An elliptical workout consumes almost 335 calories in 30 minutes.

Stepping on the stepper burns almost 223 calories, and running on the treadmill burns about 300 calories. If you wish to lose weight, you should choose an elliptical machine.


Stairs and treadmills do not include upper body exercises. Stir steppers aren’t always as effective as treadmills because they can cause posture issues and cause smaller calorie losses.

Due to the shorter step length of the treadmill, there is no reflex training.

The complicated movements of elliptical machines also annoyed me.

Many people have difficulty understanding the machine’s rules and regulations, which can lead to injuries or posture problems.


The exercise is performed with the legs, and the pace is entirely up to the individual.

Exercises conducted on treadmills can be monitored from all perspectives and aspects by the operator. Exercises on elliptical machines balance quadriceps and hamstrings.

Additionally, they are particularly beneficial for obese and overweight individuals.

Many of these devices are available on the market, including the Bowflex Treadclimber, NordicTrack Elliptical, and many others that you can choose from according to your needs.

Stair Stepper Vs Elliptical Machine: Which is Better?

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone some muscles, or just get fitter overall by working out in a gym or at home, a common question you’ll hear is what exercise equipment is the most powerful.

When it comes to aerobic exercise, walking, biking, ascending stairs, or a mix of all three, can’t be beat.

Nevertheless, some people avoid treadmills because they have joint issues and wish to mitigate their effect.

There is an option between a stepper and an elliptical machine if you’re in that bracket.

Walking, jogging, or climbing the stairs at a fast pace and covering a long distance has a lot to do with how many calories you burn during a workout.

By doing these exercises, you will increase your heart rate and burn calories.

You can still walk and run inside even if you don’t have access to regular stairs or can’t go outside every day. You can use an elliptical or a stepper if you are unable to go outside.

Running, Walking and Climbing Stairs for Weight Loss

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that making a lifestyle change with steady and incremental weight loss, rather than rigorous short-term exercise, is the best way to lose weight.

It is a simple lifestyle habit to walk. It is also a good exercise for beginners because it is easy on the joints and safe for people who are out of shape to do.

You can start by walking on level terrain only a few minutes a day, at a gently paced pace, just to get used to exercising and to gain fitness levels before you exercise harder, like jogging.

Because climbing stairs is more exhausting, you’ll burn two to three times more energy than walking.

Dietary changes ensure long-term weight loss. Aside from having a moderate amount of daily exercise, you should follow healthy eating habits. The goal is to consume fewer calories than you burn.

You can burn more calories by climbing a hill or climbing stairs while working against gravity for an even greater cardio workout if running is not an option.

If weight loss is your primary reason for exercising, however, you aren’t a novice.

If you want to burn enough calories to counteract the amount you take in, you should walk/jog on a slope, move faster, and move longer.

Jogging is not recommended if you have weak knees, elbows, or ankles. Small foot bones are also damaged by running.

You can add variety to your workouts by combining walking and climbing. It will help you recover from more strenuous exercise.

Take a few minutes to climb the stairs and then walk uphill to lower your heart rate before taking,

Running, Walking and Stair Climbing Indoors

You can use a treadmill for walking indoors, but most treadmills are designed for running and cannot handle long, slower belt runs.

In addition, you can go pretty fast on it, so you can get similar benefits to running without the high impact.

For more information on which type of elliptical machine will best suit your needs, read the buyer’s guide to our elliptical machine guide.

You want a stepper if you don’t have access to stairs or if you prefer watching TV while you climb.

Phase steps can be simple, where all the effort and variability comes from you as the consumer. It is entirely up to you to step up or go faster to get the most benefit from the exercise.

Although you can buy a good manual treadmill for walking, you might get better results with an elliptical machine since you can work your arms and manage the resistance.

Fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike can benefit from using an elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer.

If you prefer a more advanced model, you can choose a resistance level to simulate steeper stairs or hills.

Elliptical Basics

Ellipticals have two moving parts – pedals or legs and handlebars. Stepping on the pedals in an elliptical motion allows you to move them back and forth.

In addition to burning more calories faster, some elliptical machines allow you to adjust the incline to simulate walking up an incline. Each slope targets a different muscle group.

While one foot is raised and brought down to support your weight, the other pushes backwards to propel you forward. This motion is similar to walking and running.

The front handlebars of some ellipticals can also rotate. When you move your legs, you can also work some upper body muscles and burn more calories.

When you walk on the ground, you hold one foot at a time, but when you walk on an elliptical machine, you still have both feet in contact with the pedals. The impact is minimal.

Stair Stepper Basics

Various styles of stair steppers are available on the market. Steps are typically made up of two pedals or platforms that you place on your feet, pressing down on one while the other lifts your other foot.

Either the foot or the football is still in contact with the brake. If you need help keeping your balance, there are a pair of stationary handlebars in front of you.

In some steppers, you can mimic steep climbing or ladder climbing by having a broad maximum step height.

With these models, you can get a decent arm workout with up and down shifting handlebars.

A stair-climber or stair-mill is like a mini-escalator with a series of moving stairs moving downward to simulate the motion of climbing.

There are handrails on the side, but only for balance support, not to assist with exercise.

Some steppers allow you to modify stepping speed via a control panel, but many leave it up to you. You can speed up or slow down like you would when climbing an escalator.

Additionally, you can climb sideways or backwards here, working different muscles in each direction.

Both stairwell and stairwell can be adjusted for resistance and speed.

In most commercial gyms today, the latter is more popular, but there are usually still one or two traditional stairs.

The stair stepper is usually the more popular choice for the home because it takes up less space and costs less.

Approximately 8 cm tall, it’s the closest step to real climbing.

Using the controls on the screen in front of you, choose whether you want to speed up or slow down.

The difference here is that one foot pushes down to ascend, while the other foot leaves one step behind and is placed on the next step.

In this post, we’ll ignore this type of stepper and instead focus on a conventional stepper and vertical climber.

The third stage consists of a mini stepper. Those who want to exercise while sitting at a desk, watching television, or rehabilitating their muscles after surgery or an extended illness should not use this.

Even though you can stand on these, their main function is to shift your legs while seated.

What Muscles Does a Stepper Exercise Machine Work?

All major muscles of the lower body are worked by stair steppers. You will initially feel the quadriceps working. They are the muscles on the front of the thigh.

Your hamstrings will also burn if you go longer.

With this machine, you won’t tone your upper body muscles, but you will burn fat through aerobic exercise.

Even if those muscles aren’t firm, you burn belly fat indirectly.

Calves only get a good workout if you step with your toes and football rather than the whole foot as you can with quads, hamstrings and glutes.

With a stepper, you also get your aerobic exercise while putting relatively little stress on your joints.

As you bend your knees more, you feel some pressure on your knees, but this is not jarring, and any pain disappears as you get used to the exercise.

The stepper can also target all your gluteal or butt muscles, since these muscles act in conjunction with the hip flexors to stabilize your body through your hips and stretch your legs.

Stepping is a weight-bearing exercise as long as you maintain proper form. We will get to that later in this article.

What Part of the Body Does An Elliptical Work Out?

By moving your arms as well as your legs, an elliptical exercises all the lower body muscles and adds benefits to the upper body, too.

Exercises on the elliptical machine can also target those muscles more effectively by including tilt and reversing the pedaling path.

Pedaling backwards targets your quadriceps more than hamstrings from now on.

To gain these added benefits, of course, you will need to use a more specialized elliptical, such as those found in club gyms.

This includes the biceps and triceps, the muscles of the trapezius in your back.

As you move your arms and legs, your shoulder blades, your chest pecs, and your core muscles are supported and rotated.

When comparing equipment, keep in mind that these are normally very expensive.

Which Burns More Calories and Which is Better for Cardiovascular Exercise?

Adults in the U.S. should get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Each interval must be no less than 10 minutes for it to count.

For the same effort, a stair stepper is better for aerobic exercise. On the stepper, you pant very easily because of that.

A stair stepper workout will burn about the same amount of calories as an elliptical workout, unless you use a vertical climber.

However, if you cheat or you don’t use the right form, none of these stats will stand up, as we’ll discuss later.

Advantages of the Elliptical

You will be able to exercise for a longer period of time. People who are overweight often enjoy this.

An elliptical machine can give you a good upper body workout. For more agility training, and for strength training, with longer and more deliberate strides.

Additionally, you can shorten your stride length and take quicker steps.

An elliptical machine has a lower perceived rate of effort because you don’t get winded too quickly and there is almost no joint effect.

Additionally, you can target different muscles by moving backwards and forwards.

When you use a high resistance and maybe even set it at an incline, you can burn a lot of calories.

As it is a weight-bearing exercise, it strengthens your lower body bones and muscles.

You can keep yourself inspired because of the variety you can get.

Advantages of the Stair Stepper

When you are working against gravity, the heart must pump more blood, which is why a stair stepper provides a great cardiovascular workout.

Since conventional steppers don’t require your arms to move, they are ideal for beginners since they require little coordination.

Your butts will be trimmed in no time with a stepper, particularly if you take deep steps like a vertical climber.

As soon as you’re done exercising, you can even move it to a corner. The cost is usually very low.

Disadvantages of the Elliptical

Beginners initially dislike this movement because it feels unnatural and uncoordinated due to the need to align the legs and arms.

Once you’re comfortable with just the leg motion, beginners should not work their arms, but instead rest their hands on a stationary spot.

It is probable that this lower perceived exertion rate is due to its relatively low impact style of exercise and the ease with which it can be incorporated into a routine without realizing it.

By adding strength to your aerobic exercise on the elliptical, you will burn a lot more calories.

The temptation is great to think that if you don’t add enough resistance or use a tilt setting instead of just going flat, you’re working very hard on the elliptical.

It is heavy and requires a lot of space if you choose an elliptical center drive. Models with built-in tilt settings and programs can be expensive.

Disadvantages of the Stair Stepper

Your upper body muscles do not get the same toning benefit if you have a great lower body workout and lose weight.

Replace it with another form of exercise if you want to improve your upper body.

When you move, balancing is very easy if the machine is steady. This means you don’t work your core muscles much.

Leaning forward or putting your weight on the handlebars is also a very easy way to lose concentration and intensity.

In this respect, however, a vertical climber with moving handlebars is better than a conventional stair stepper with stationary handles.

Stepping is kinder to the knees than cycling, so obese people are better off not starting with a stepper, but it’s still not low-impact.

Even if you aren’t, you might think you are. We will explain why it’s essential to maintain pleasant form in the following section.

FAQ – Best Elliptical Stair Stepper Combo

Is stair stepper better than elliptical?

We consider the stair stepper to be the best cardio exercise machine out of all three cardio machines.

30-minute workouts on an elliptical will burn approximately 335 calories; 30-minute workouts on a stair stepper will burn approximately 223 calories; and 30-minute workouts on a treadmill will burn approximately 300 calories.

Which cardio machine is best for belly fat?

Using a treadmill

When you’re trying to lose weight around your stomach, the treadmill is a great fat-burning machine to use.

The treadmill burns more calories than any other cardio exercise machine, and it is one of the best ways to lose belly fat.

Does the stair stepper burn belly?

As a result, the stair stepper burns belly fat as part of a calorie-burning workout.

Furthermore, stair climber exercises strengthen your heart and work your abdominal muscles, working the muscles under your belly fat and keeping your tummy toned.

Is rear drive or front drive elliptical better?

Ellipticals with rear drives have a flatter movement pattern, which makes them feel more natural.

The users report feeling more upright and not having to lean over as much as they do on front-drive elliptical machines.

Many rear-drive ellipticals have longer strides than front-drive ellipticals, although this isn’t always the case.

Is the elliptical or Stairmaster better?

For weight-bearing exercises, an elliptical machine is perfect. Compared to the elliptical, bike, and stairmaster, it offers superior aerobic and fat-burning workouts.

You can exercise your whole body on the elliptical. You can strengthen your legs.

Do stair steppers work your abs?

According to Chase, the stair climber is a great full-body exercise because it works all the muscles in the legs.

“It also works out your heart because you’re using it for balance, and your lower abs because you’re lifting your legs with your arms alongside your body rather than sitting on the handrail.

Does the StairMaster burn belly fat?

The StairMaster won’t help you lose belly fat immediately, but it will strengthen your core and, like any moderate to intense workout, will help you lose visceral fat around your midsection.

Despite being a lower-impact workout than a treadmill, the StairMaster also strengthens the lower body.

What is a good stride length for an elliptical?

A 20-inch screen
will allow most users to walk comfortably with a 20-inch stride. Essentially, this means that a stride length of 20 inches is comfortable for most people.

Most elliptical manufacturers suggest that people between the heights of 5’3″ and 6′ can use an elliptical with a 20-inch stride length.

Is stair climber better than treadmill?

The body can burn fewer calories to complete the task when walking on a treadmill rather than ascending stairs.
“… Therefore, running on a treadmill burns more calories than using the StairMaster at a higher intensity.”

What gym machine is best for buttocks?

An example of a stair climber is the StairMaster. When you ascend the stairs with the StairMaster, your glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings are engaged.

This low-impact exercise allows you to work out all the muscles in your lower body in an innovative way.

Climbing requires significant use of the gluteal muscles.

Is the elliptical or Stairmaster better?

Compared to the stair stepper, the elliptical machine burns more calories. On the elliptical, you move your arms and legs instead of just your legs on the stair stepper, so you spend more energy.

Is it easier to use an elliptical or a stairmaster?

Exercise on an elliptical machine is ideal for people who prefer low-impact, weight-bearing workouts. It outperforms the elliptical, bike, and stairmaster in terms of fat-burning workouts.

You can exercise your whole body on the elliptical. You can strengthen your legs.

Final Talk – Best Elliptical Stair Stepper Combo

Choose an elliptical if you have the budget and space and your goal is to lose as much weight and sound as possible.

This type of exercise is perfect for those seeking gentle exercise with good overall results.

These devices are easy to set up at home and have a small footprint.

Put it anywhere you want in front of the TV and work out while you watch your favorite show.

If we had to pick a clear winner from this study, the Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber Treadmill would be the best of the bunch.

The hybrid training scheme is a modern revolution in aerobic fitness equipment. Unless you have joint health, you cannot use it.

Then you’ll find that a hybrid fitness method that combines treadmills and elliptical machines offers significant advantages.

Now that you’ve compared the elliptical with the stair stepper, you should be able to determine which piece of equipment is best suited to your needs.

A step-stepper is a great option if you are on a tight budget, live in a small apartment, have a small workout space, or want to improve stamina and cardiovascular performance.

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