5 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Plasma Lighters

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The first device which worked with chemical reaction from gas to produce a flame and also generates heat and light is called a lighter. The plasma lighters, which are also called arc lighters or flameless lighters, create a plasma channel between two or four electrodes, which are located on each side of the top of the plasma lighter. This plasma channel is usually maintained by a very low voltage electric from the rechargeable battery of the plasma lighter. When these plasma channels touch any flammable material, it automatically starts to burn. This plasma lighters are New generation technology. There are a lot of advantages of using a plasma lighter rather than regular gas lighters. These are some of the best benefits that a plasma lighter can provide you over other fuel lighters.

No Problem of Wind When Lighting

One of the most significant disadvantages of using a traditional gas lighter is its low resistance to the wind. Plasma lighters are flameless, and that is the reason what makes it windproof. Compare to gas lighters, since there is no flame, you do not have to be cautious around some mild or strong winds. For example, if you are camping at a campsite and in the middle of a windy night, you need to light a campfire to cook a meal or stay warm. If you use a lighter that could go off at any moment because of the wind can cause you a huge problem. You may need to stay hungry all night long. On the other hand, if you used a plasma lighter, your problems would be solved easily.

No Smell of Fuel on The Flame

Most of the people have problems with the smell of fuel that linger after lighting the fire. No matter you use matches or gas lighters, there will be a smell on the flame. Many people change different brands and types of cigarettes to eliminate the odor, but it is no use. Because there is no ignition or gas burn on a plasma lighter, it does not produce any kind of smell. The only smell that comes out is from the flammable material. These materials could be a cigarette, a candle, or maybe some pieces of wood from the fire.

Long Lasting Lighter

A lighter is a regular use item. Everyone who uses a regular lighter one hour of continuous use daily, then the lighter will last around two to four weeks. On the other hand, regardless of how you use a plasma lighter can continue approximately two hundred to three hundred uses. From one perspective, you may think that these numbers are representing an equal average lifespan because both of their uses are similar. But there is a variation that different one from other. This variation is when you do not use the gas or other fuel lighters, it could lose some of its content due to evaporation. It can reduce its lifespan drastically. On the contrary, a plasma lighter stays charged all the time while waiting to be used. It keeps its original charge completely intact that could be used at a letter time.

Eco-Friendly Lighter

Gas or other fuel lighters produce fire by burning the fuel. It can affect the environment by producing Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is one of the most dangerous gases that pollute the environment. Most of the fuel lighters are non-refill lighters that are massively produced, and after the usage, they create a lot of garbage when they were massively thrown away. On the other hand, after the plasma lighter is ultimately used, there is no need to throw them away. You can recharge the battery in a few hours, and then you can use it for another few months. 

Fashionable Lighter

People use lighters every day; it could be any moment, no matter privately ort publicly. Sometimes out of curtesy, you may even bring out your lighter to light another person cigarettes. If you use the old fashioned fuel lighter, it can be embarrassing for you. But the plasma lighters have many unique designs that could pique your interest. You can bring out your plasma lighter anywhere.

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